Jesus Film Update – March 5, 2014

03_05_2014_pakistan“Why am I living a bad life?” asked Amer in Pakistan. “Watching the JESUS Film compelled me to look inside myself. I saw Christ suffer for me and wondered how I could be so bad! I am a chain smoker and a sluggard. I did not like to work so I was always bothering people to loan me money for cigarettes. Today, I felt the love of the Lord for me. Today, I gave my life to the Lord!” (Note from team member: As Amer shared this testimony; he cried bitterly, we consoled him assuring him Christ has forgiven all his sins.)

Pray for Amer as he reconciles damaged relationships and rebuilds his reputation to the glory of Christ.

“There were no workers for Christ in the village,”
said a leader in the Philippines. “Praise God, three families have joined together for weekly fellowship and discipleship. The church has 22 adults attending Bible study and prayer meeting Sunday afternoon before a mealtime sharing of food.”

Pray for more leaders and worker to come forth in service to the Lord.

“I’m not the same person anymore,”
said Maria, mother of three, in the Dominican Republic. “After I met Christ, I began to read the Bible and became involved in studies, learning about Jesus. When I had trouble breathing, I prayed for the Lord to heal me. He listened and my lungs are now normal.”

Praise God for Maria’s life and her witness to her family and community.

Praises & Prayer Requests:

– Praise God for the safe return of the groups from Haiti and Dominican Republic.

– Praise God for the safe return of the Mission Trip group from Sierra Leone.
– Pray for the Mission Trip group making plans to travel to Brazil to witness the work of the Lord in the lives of the lost.

JESUS Film teams have reported 66,541,203 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through March 2014. Of these contacts, 12,464,873 (18.7% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 5,140,550 (41.2% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 41,745 preaching points started.

*JESUS Film and other tools

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