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Somali Christians Face a Double Threat in Famine

Reprinted from ICC, source: IRN USA News: Jordan Hooker | IRN/USA Radio News The Horn of Africa currently faces dire famine and drought conditions. The U.S. State Department reports more than 11.5 million people need emergency assistance in the region. … Continue reading

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A child sponsorship success story

Reprinted from Nazarene Communications Network: Milton has never met the man who saved his life. When he was in grade 4, Milton’s father passed away. Already poor, Milton’s family was left with few resources to buy food or have him … Continue reading

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Christians Under Fire in Laos

Reprinted from ICC, source – The Diplomat: Every religion seems bound for a hard time from quarters known and out of left field at some point, and it’s no different in Laos. Authorities in the country’s north have ordered Christians … Continue reading

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North Korea (ChristianToday) 20,000 People Call Out for End to Christian Persecution in North Korea

North Korea has been accused of putting 180,000 people into forced labor. People can be put in prison just for owning a Bible. Many Christians are in prison camps facing starvation and torture. Many who try to flee the country … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia, India (ChristianToday) Jailed Indian Christians Released After Six Months in Saudi Arabia

Two Indian Christians, Sekhar and Yohan, were arrested and charged with proselytizing in Saudi Arabia. After six months in prison, they were released and returned to India on Sunday.

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Eritrea: Arrests Continue

Reprinted from Ninety Christians have been arrested in Eritrea in the last two months, as authorities continue a campaign against Christians that began in December. Six of the 90 arrested have been released, but the location of the other … Continue reading

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Hindu Radical Kills A Christian Leader Who Testified About Anti-Christian Violence

Christian leaded found dead in Kandhamal, Sajan George accuses Hindu radicals Micael Digal disappeared a few days ago. His body was found last night near the village of Mdikia. Police closed the case, claiming his death was accidental. The president … Continue reading

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Christians Pray, Fast for Divine Intervention Amidst Death Threats

Christians throughout Nigeria are fasting to invoke divine intervention and protection from the Islamic cult, Boko Haram, that has threatened to attack Nigerian Christians on the anniversary of their founder’s death.

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China: 2 Years Labor for Pastor

Reprinted from In another example of the ongoing crackdown against house churches in China, house church pastor Shi Enhao was sentenced to two years in a labor camp last month. Pastor Shi, who serves as deputy chairman of the … Continue reading

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Jesus Film Update – July 27, 2011

“I was a slave to many vices,” said the viewer in Panama. “Before I received Christ, my life was filled with sin. I had many marital conflicts. I wanted to change and have a better life, but I did not … Continue reading

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