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Human Trafficking: Growing Problem for Central Valley

Police say human trafficking has been a big problem and it’s not just happening in rural areas, but on prominent streets in Fresno.   Read More Advertisements

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In prison for 7 weeks without trial, against backdrop of Khartoum church closures

It has been a little more than a week since Salwa Fahmi Suleiman Gireis, a 64-year old Sudanese accountant has been released from prison on Tues 2nd April.   Read More

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Survivor of Sex Trafficking Speaks Out as Battle Against Crimes Continues

An attention-grabbing mural on the side of an auto body repair shop on the edge of downtown Los Angeles has an surprising message: it depicts a young woman and states “I am a survivor of sex trafficking.”   Read More

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Week 1 update: Nazarene volunteers offer household items, cleanup help, counseling, spiritual care to tornado victims

Dozens of Nazarene relief teams spent their Memorial Day holiday helping communities hit by last week’s tornadoes.   Read More

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Tornado rips through Oklahoma City area; Nazarenes respond

Several tornadoes touched down in the U.S. Midwest this week, causing considerable, and in some cases catastrophic damage. The most severely affected area is Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City.   Read More

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Touched by Africa

Like countless others, years ago my husband, Dave, and I set out on our life journey. We were young then, and full of enthusiasm for God’s kingdom, our world, and each other.  We met on a Nazarene college campus, and … Continue reading

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“…How is it possible to be happy in the midst of suffering?…” Read More

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Brazil police bust Bangladeshi trafficking ring

Brazilian police have uncovered a trafficking network involving Bangladeshis who were smuggled into the South American country with promises of good wages but ended up doing slave labour.   Read More

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Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR) are being targeted by Islamist militants who seized control of the country in March; they are being tied up, beaten and forced to hand over money to save their lives. Read More

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Students teach each other about human trafficking epidemic

While Hudson High School students Christina Joyce and Olivia Andrade knew of the growing epidemic of human trafficking, the pair got a first-hand look last summer at the horrific consequences of that trade. Read More

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