Active Mission Workers

Eric & Linda Zane Family – PNG & Philippines

 Every once in a while, we find ourselves a bit confused.  Imagine sitting in your car, behind the wheel, the air conditioner is gently blowing a comfortable breeze across your arm.  Your favorite music is softly playing in the background.  You are busy trying to prioritize your tasks and figure out how you are going to get all the things done that you are supposed to be accomplishing today.  Outside the car, you barely notice as you drive pass McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then Starbucks.  On the opposite side of the street is Pizza Hut.  The passing of the Shell gas station reminds you to check your gas gauge.  As you lift your head up, you are slapped with the realization that you are not in the states.  You slam on the breaks to avoid the Jeepney that has stopped in front of you, to let a passenger get off.

How did we get here and why are we here?
We are not ordained ministers.
We are not doctors.
We are not professionally trained clergy of any kind.
We are not teachers.

We are common lay-people who simply told God that we were available to serve Him in whatever fashion He desired.

More about the Zane family 


Greg & Terri Taylor – Phillipines

Greg and Terri Taylor are Nazarene Missionaries since 1998 and have lived the past 12 years in the Philippines.   The Taylor’s have a desire to connect people with opportunities to partner in the mission of the church.

They are from the Oregon Pacific District and originally from Salem, Oregon where their families live. 

Greg and Terri are developing partnerships across the Asia-Pacific and also administer the Regional Work & Witness program.  The Asia-Pacific Region includes all fields of the vast region of Asia and the Pacific Islands {including Australia-New Zealand, Melanesia & South Pacific, SeaLands, Southeast Asia, China Ministries, Philippines and Micronesia}.  They also assist with Work & Witness for the Philippine Islands.  Terri is responsible for hospitality care for the region and field and works in design and decorating. 

Their daughter Jordan is 20 years old and will be a junior this coming year at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville.  She is working on a degree in Communications and hopes to serve in missions someday.  Zachary is now 16 and will be a junior at Faith Academy High School in Manila.  He is active in school…enjoys weight training and playing rugby for his high school team.


Bernie & Rhonda Slingerland – Mexico-Central America Region

Bernie and Rhonda Slingerland and their two daughters, Hannah and Abigail, are Career Assignment missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene serving in the Mexico Central America (MAC) Regional Office in San Jose, Costa Rica. They have served in missionary assignments in Venezuela in the South America Region, and then in the seven countries of the MAC Region, including 6 years living in Guatemala. They have been missionaries since 1995.

In the Mexico-Central America Region, Bernie is the Regional Coordinator of Evangelism facilitating church planting by utilizing the: Jesus Film, the EvangeCube, personal evangelism, leadership development, the Holiness Cube and a new concept in work and witness where local teams work with U.S. teams to plant churches using integrated ministries. In addition, he is the regional representative for project “Refocus” for New Church Specialties.

More about the Slingerland family 


Michael and Sarah Mannix – Niger, Africa

(submitted by Bob Hutcheson)  I met Sarah Cathey several years ago when Cheryl and I were involved in the college age Sunday School class at Redding First Nazarene.  Sarah was a student at Simpson College.  At that time there were several Simpson students in our church.  
We live not far from the Simpson campus and used to have bonfires on Saturday or Sunday nights (in the winter of course) and invite all the Simpson kids from church for some fellowship.  I remember one night they came over and kicked us out of the house while they made dinner for us.  We had a great time with those kids.

More about the Mannix family 


Cory, Leslie Eades & Family – S.E. Asia 2006 –Present

Cory Eades and his wife Leslie and their four boys Seth, Arlo Ethan and Toby, are independent missionaries in one of the Creative Access area’s of S. E. Asia.  They live in a village, located in a high mountain valley, that is at an elevation higher than our own Mt. Lassen.  God called them to minister to Un-reached People Groups.  These are people who have never been reached by normal evangelism.  They live among the people God sent them to minister to.  The people in many of the villages they visit have never heard of Jesus Christ or of the Bible.

More about the Eades family


3 Responses to Active Mission Workers

  1. john says:

    keep up the good work. God bless you.

  2. Dear Brothers and sisters.
    Greetings in the blessed name of our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Well, I am a pastor whose ministry call is evangelism and church planting.

    Brothers, never before have we had so clear a picture of the boundaries of the unfinished task discipling the people.

    We dare not underestimate the tough challenges we, as ministers of the lords great commission vision and burden, face in order to accomplish the task, but at last we can see that the achievement of the task is within our grasp.

    Particularly in my country, Kenya, Christianity is faced with secularism, Islam and sects for faster growth. For instance, Muslim rapid population growth is as a result of
    a) Higher birth rates
    b) Deliberate strategy for Muslim men marrying Christian wives, some of them become Muslims, and bear Muslim children and
    c) A well- organized publicity which is often in opposition to other religious community/ Communities. Particularly Christianity.

    I am therefore of greatful pleasure to have learnt of your ministry on which God called you/ yourselves and in which is also my ministry vision. I personally give great emphasis on mission which is counted on evangelism and church planting which will bring a new confidence to the dying world.

    It’s my sincere plea that we join our hands together with brethren from around the world for all our possible breakthrough to the lord’s Great commission call. “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Phillipians 4:13.

    Looking forward to read from you.

    May God bless you.

    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Stanley

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