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Women sex trafficking other women: the problem is getting worse

Ever since Cynthia Payne became famous for accepting Luncheon Vouchers in lieu of sexual services in the 1987 hit film Personal Services, the female pimp has been glamorised and made to seem benign. But women who trade in women can be … Continue reading

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From Erin Meier at Kudjip, PNG – A new missionary family

The Peterson family arrived last week.  Stephanie, Adam and their 4 little girls. Read More

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Our brothers and sisters in Egypt are in urgent need. They have long been kept in poverty by cruel discrimination, and now economic crisis and political confusion are worsening their desperate plight. Whether Egypt becomes an Islamic state or descends into chaos, their prospects … Continue reading

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Gamertsfelder Mission Centre opens to welcoming crowds in Frome, Jamaica

On March 21, at 5 p.m., hundreds gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the new Gamertsfelder Mission Centre in Frome, Jamaica.  Local churches, schools, police, firefighters and government officials joined Nazarenes and the center’s namesake himself, optometrist Dr. Paul … Continue reading

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Jesus Film Update – April 3, 2013

“We prayed for the rain to stop,” said the team member in Cameroon. “On the first day of the JESUS Film show, the sky was announcing rain. This was a concern for us. When the rain started, we began to … Continue reading

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From Zambia to Oklahoma City: Global drives local

Never particularly interested in missions, long-time attendee Mike Duke joined Oklahoma City First Church’s 2008 mission trip to complete construction of a Nazarene church building in Zambia.  The experience ignited something in him that became contagious to his whole church.   … Continue reading

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Police Beat Christian Leader to Death in Vietnam

A Hmong church leader in Vietnam has been beaten to death in police custody, area sources said.   Read More

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