About Us

Redding First Nazarene Missions Ministries

Matthew 28: 19-20 is known as the Great Commission, it says:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28: 19-20

Here at Redding First Church, we have developed a mission statement as follows:

Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will educate and inspire the congregation of Redding First Church to fulfill the Great Commission by the year 2015 with 50% of the congregation involved in missions locally & 25 % of the congregation involved in loving, serving and connecting in areas outside of Redding and around the world.


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Can you give me a email address to contact you on?

  2. edwinjohn says:

    Full gospel ministry of pakistan

    I am Rev. yousif mussarat
    I am 73 years old i have as pastor leader experience 53 years , we are have works in Gojra ,we are have 12 Branches As house Churches in our areas Gojra city.
    In pakistan , we are have pastoral 13 teams doing server in his Filed as win many souls.
    We are no affilated with any ministry we are his grace of God doing works full self support.
    Our faith is matt:28:19-20 i have sended many peopels for his Fileds.

    Our Ministries Vision
    1: Free Education Ministry
    2: Revival Crusade Ministry
    3: Out Reach Ministry
    4: Worship Ministry
    5: Youth Ministry
    6: Sunday School
    7: Music Ministry
    8: Jail Ministry
    9: Bible School
    10:wesing centre
    Currant Projects

    1 : Free Education Ministry

    As you know about pakistani christians is suffring in pakistan here is christian families
    Not able to pay fee good school for childs beacuse they are to much poorest.
    Our vision is will be open free Tuition for orphanage and poors chlids.
    We are needs 2 female teaches and 2 male teachers . here is coming summar vaction in june to Augst
    First i have request you please keep in prayer for childs educational programs.
    Inculding primary school in Gojra city here is to much needs this school for poor childs .

    Needs of Orphan/poor Children





    Ruled paper

    Colored pencils

    Construction paper

    Blunt scissors

    Note Books


    English word search books

    Coloring books (kids love them)

    Pencils sharpeners

    Craft Supplies

    Like, Popsicle sticks

    Glitter glue (all colors)

    Foam shapes and sheets

    Glue (Elmer’s glue and Tacky glue)

    Jigsaw puzzles of various levels of difficulty (they love these too)

    Other Items

    Boy’s shoes

    Girl’s shoes

    Boys clothes (ages 4 to 9-12)

    Clothes and other items to make costumes for skits (the kids love to do skits)

    Furniture (Desks and Chairs etc)


    Computer Lab

    2: Bible School

    Our bible school is on- going 8 students attents bible stutdies.
    More we are have hope God is briging many students get spitural studies.
    Our Requst you we are promate bible school,our needs 2 teachers if will more growth body of christ
    In pakistan,and books for bible school matrial for diploma.
    We are doing distributing Urdu Bible in needy peopels who is like study and love with his word
    So we are needs 100 for Hindu and christians peopel.

    3: Sunday School Ministry

    We are have so wonderful sunday school ministry here in our central church Gojra city
    We are train to childs they are learn about jesus christ woh is die for our sin,poems
    Christian gospel songs,bible studies,we are have train teacher for childs.we are every sunday
    Teach them about christian education.as you know we are living in pakistan is muslims country
    Our needs sharing and spreading seed his Filed .we have sunday branches in 4 areas evan doing works
    In villages childs,on -going now by grace of God,we are have vision more out reach open sunday school
    Ministry and train many childs.just keep in prayer this plan .

    4: Evangelism Ministry
    Thanks the lord jesus christ,we are have so hard worker team in pakistan, pastoral team is doing
    Service day and night reach the unreached areas,spreading seed in other place in gojra city ,
    We are have 3 other villages lands for get church building we are hope God will open door for this matter Than more and more growth body of christ in villages and other cities in pakistan,we are standing with by Faith God is provide everything for gospel share in muslims and other nation in pakistan.
    More we are vision open more branches in pkistan,if god is provide monthly support and sources.

    Sewing Centre For Womens

    We want to opne sewing center for poor and who are widow :we are dedicated to serve this center only for the Destitue,widows,orphans,poor young girls and handicapped and given them vocational training in a way theycan earn After the
    Training and every lady who completes the art of tailloring for one year ,we are praying to give them a sewing machine Fee of cost
    Many women who according to their family circumstances such as fatherless ,motherless,and widows and even some Women due
    To their low salaries,and some women who discontinued their studies due to lack to money, and even some women Can not even have food and clothing and all these women who are in a postion to earn themselves and some women Do house maids jobs low salary and our sewin center want to be served and trained and given them an opportunity to Live themselves in their lives without depending on any body for their survival the main aim of this institution is not to Learn then courses,but as the women we join here are not join are not joined on religon basis but irrespective of Caste,creed and religon we serve them and also preach them the gosple of our lord [ james 1:27, james 2:14_16 ]

    sewing center needs

    Daylight task lamps and lighting

    Scissors pinking shears and thread snips

    All types of fasteners,hooks and clips

    Tape measures

    Sewing machines thread and overlocking thread

    Hand sewing needles

    Sewing Machine Needles

    Top Quality Beads, Sequins, Diamantes and pearl

    Wool and Knitting Yarns

    Knitting Accessories

    Bias Binding

    Cover your own Buttons

    Quilting Fabrics in 100% Cotton for Patchwork & Crafts

    Dressmaking Pins and Safety Pins;

    + Rev. Yousaf musrat

    0092-463-515-346 cell# 0092-312-704-3988 – 0092-303-498-6453
    Christian colony Gojra city distt. Toba tek Singh Punjab Pakistan 36120
    Email: edwinjhon85@yahoo.com

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