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Philippines earthquake leaves Nazarene families without homes

The death toll rose to more than 175 in the week after the October 15 earthquake in Cebu Province, Philippines. At least 50 Nazarene families’ homes were damaged, and those not destroyed will need major repair.   Read More Advertisements

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The first and the last

“…The Riggins had previously worked at Kudjip Hospital in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Tim’s birthplace. But more than that, Tim had been the first baby registered in the then new hospital still under construction while Noah Riggins, … Continue reading

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Doing Missions Well: Paul Orjala and Indigenization

“…Indigenization in a church, in community development or even in the world of commerce means local people taking something from outside their culture and making it truly their own…”   Read More

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Church continues serving thousands displaced by Zamboanga City conflict

“…While the Zamboanga City, Philippines, armed conflict is now officially over, fallout from the event that began more than a month ago will remain for many months, if not years to come…”  Read More

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The Kingdom belongs to a child

“…Eight hours north of Guatemala City is a town called Fray. Near Fray is a remote village named Maguila, which does not appear on any Guatemalan map…”   Read More

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Church leaders attacked and Christians killed as CAR mired in chaos

“…Two church  leaders were tied up and robbed by armed men in the latest assault on  Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR), which has descended into  lawlessness and brutal violence at the hands of Islamist militants…”   Read More

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Afghanistan: MP Says ‘Kill Christians’

“…A member of Afghanistan’s parliament has suggested that anyone who converts from Islam to Christianity should be executed in order to stop the rapid growth of Christianity among Afghans…”  Read More

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Guinean Christians forced to flee violence need help; some lost everything

“…Christian families in Guinea are in a desperate plight, having been forced to live in makeshift shelters in the bush after their homes were destroyed in a severe outbreak of violence…”   Read More

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Eugene Oregon helps Ethiopia build kids hospital

“…On Monday morning, the community of Eugene, Oregon rallied to fill two shipping containers full of donated medical equipment, and get those containers traveling toward Shinshicho, Ethiopia, where Holt is helping to build a maternal-child hospital…” Read More

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Heart of God: Make known among the nations

“…Some Bible passages may be difficult to interpret.  Not Psalm 105:1.  There is nothing confusing about the commands in that verse.  There is no part of “Give thanks, call on the Lord, and make known” that we cannot understand…”   Read … Continue reading

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