Jesus Film Update – August 14, 2013

JFP 8-14-13“We were concerned about the religious festivals,” said the team member in Nepal. “Many people drink during the festival time. We thought it best to avoid public showings during this time until Sister Nirmala called us. She invited us to show the film in her village. We were eager to accept the invitation. A good crowd gathered and many were impacted by the life of Christ.”

Pray for the people in this village to embrace the love of God.

“I saw the images of Christ,” said the woman in Nicaragua. “I went to see a presentation about Jesus and God touched my heart. I took my two children and went forward to accept Christ into my life.”

Pray for this mother as she raises her children in God’s love.

“I was encouraged to return to Christ,” said Primitivo in Ecuador. “The JESUS Film team visited our indigenous community to share Jesus with us. My wife, children, and I were not attending church but their interaction in our lives made the difference. We have returned to the Lord.”

Pray for this family as they engage with the local body of Christ.

Praises and Prayer Requests:
– Praise God for the safe return of the Bike and a Backpack trip participants from Madagascar.
– Praise the Lord for the safe return of the Partner Trip participants from the Dominican Republic.
– Praise God for the work and safe return of the Grand Rapids group from Nicaragua.
– Pray for the group from Northeast Oklahoma preparing to deliver equipment to the Dominican Republic (Aug 29 – Sept 3).
JESUS Film leaders have expressed a desire to launch 147 new teams to go where the church is not yet. We are running to keep up with the Lord in the vision He is casting through His workers. To address this request, funds totaling $588,000 need to be raised for 147 solar-powered backpacks. The initial goal is to have 98 sets ($392,000) funded by September 1st. Please join with us in prayer for the outpouring of the Lord’s provision for His work!

JESUS Film teams have reported
64,914,138 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through August 2013. Of these contacts, 12,084,395 (18.6% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 4,871,816 (40.3% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 38,415 preaching points started.
JESUS Film and other tools

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