Medical Relief Needed in Sudan – Voice of the Martyrs

vom Sudan malariaA child with malaria lies in his hospital bed.

A woman needs a C-section, and another has severe burns.

A man was caught in a bombing raid by the government forces. His leg needs amputating.

In the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, a near forgotten part of our Body exists. Christians are among the Nuba people who have been labeled “rubbish” by the president of Sudan, Omar al Bashir. His government’s efforts to Islamize and Arabize the country also include eradicating Christians.

Our partners who work diligently in the area serving the material and spiritual needs of the church have asked VOM to send medical supplies. This is in addition to the other projects VOM has already committed, such as Action Packs, Bible distribution and other relief.

vom Sudan surgeryThese supplies include tablets, caplets, tubes, vials, bandages, gauze, scalpels and IV fluids.

We invite you to join with us in making this ministry project a reality. Make a donation now designated for “Sudan Medical Supplies.

Your contribution will be put to work in helping Sudanese Christians in the Nuba Mountains and other areas of Sudan where extreme persecution has escalated in the last two years since Bashir’s latest campaign targeting the Nuba peoples. These meds will also be used to treat nonbelievers and even Muslims as a testimony of Christ’s love for them.

Contribute now for Sudan’s Medical Supplies.

Funds raised in excess of $150,000 will be used for other projects in Sudan.

For those in Bonds,

The Voice of the Martyrs

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