Thai woman held for trafficking Myanmar girls

THAILAND – Police yesterday announced the arrest of a Thai woman suspected of human trafficking and the rescue of 13 Myanmar women – including a 16-year-old and three girls under 18 – allegedly lured into sex work at a Ranong guesthouse.   Read More

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One Response to Thai woman held for trafficking Myanmar girls

  1. Gold Price says:

    Earlier in the year, a trafficking survivor from this case bravely testified to the abuse she had endured in the brothel. She had been abandoned by her family at a train station and was drugged before she was brought to Mumbai. When she initially refused to prostitute, the brothel keeper tied her hands and feet with a rope and sent in her first customer to rape her. When the police conducted an IJM-supported rescue operation a few weeks later, the brothel keeper locked the girl with another woman working in the brothel in a small hidden compartment. They were only discovered two hours later when her cell phone began to ring, and the victim immediately asked for rescue. Today, she is recovering in an aftercare facility in the city.

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