Nazarene Communications Network: Global praise reports and prayer requests

This week’s praise reports and prayer requests from Nazarene Missions International, JESUS Film Harvest Partners, and NCN News include:


JESUS Film – Chile
“Children and teens are responding,” said a team member in Chile. “At times, we face opposition from hostile teenagers. They are rude and abusive. Praise God, He works in their hearts and minds. Often they will return to us asking forgiveness and seeking to know the Lord. We feel divinely blessed to serve in the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry.”

JESUS Film – Mexico
“I was lost in sin, practicing idolatry, and alienated from God,” said a viewer in Mexico. “The Lord touched my heart as I viewed the JESUS film. I received Christ as my personal Savior. I am happy to be His follower and seek to serve Him as long as I am on this earth.”

JESUS Film – Mozambique
“I was a slave of sin,” said 51-year-old Suguare in Mozambique. “I was addicted to alcohol and went door to door to get money for more. A friend invited me to watch the JESUS film. When I arrived there, the Spirit of God touched me and my life changed. I gave up smoking, drinking, and drugs. I feel free from sin and want to continue the rest of my life with the Lord.”


CAA teacher
Pray for Tammie, a teacher who has had to return from her teaching assignment in a Creative Access Area to be with her ailing mother.


For more global concerns and continued requests, see the NMI Prayer Mobilization Line by clicking here or JESUS Film Harvest Partners byclicking here.

To share additional praises or prayer requests, please use the comment section below or see the Prayer Mobilization Line’s Facebook page.

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