Jesus Film Update – October 17, 2012

“God has surprised us once again,” said the team member in Argentina. “We showed the JESUS Film on a weekend at a local church.  We canvassed the neighborhood and had a tremendous response. Almost everyone watching the film had tears streaming down their faces as they were touched by the Holy Spirit.  We were blessed with a great group who prayed the prayer of faith. Since then, we have been meeting with them every week. We pray, read the Bible, and have a short message. God is doing great things in this place.”
Pray for these new believers to share their faith with others.

“I don’t want to be deceived,
” said Khadra a single woman living in a gospel resistant African country. “I stood up in the middle of the show announcing that I did not want to be deceived by the false teaching in the film. The team member kindly asked me to finish viewing the JESUS Film. I agreed and was moved by the crucifixion scene. I began to cry when Jesus was nailed to the cross. I believe Jesus was innocent and suffered because He loves us. I accepted Him as my Lord. I know the teaching in the JESUS Film is true.”
Praise God for Khadra as she leaves behind her old beliefs to walk with Christ. 

“The young girl was impacted by the life of Christ,”
said the team member in Cuba. “The 12 year-old girl’s parents are spiritualists. We were touched to see how she sympathized with what was happening in the film. At the end, when we invited people to accept Jesus as Savior, she was the first to get up and take a step forward.”
Pray for this girl’s parents to become followers of Christ.

Prayer Requests:

-Praise God for the faithfulness of those attending the Harvest Dinner in Mary’s Chapel, AL.
-Pray for our staff traveling both domestically and internationally.

JESUS Film teams have reported
62,530,553 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through October 2012. Of these contacts, 11,496,245 (18.4% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 4,487,579 (39.0% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 33,838 preaching points started.
JESUS Film and other tools

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