Jesus Film Update – October 10, 2012

“You’re never too old to accept the Savior,”said the team member in Guatemala. “Alberto is 95 years old and accepted Christ in his bed. Francisco, his grandson, became a follower of the Lord at the JESUS Film presentation. This family is coming to Jesus and desires to learn more about God.”

Praise the Lord – His salvation is available to us no matter our age!

“I turned away time after time,”
said Javiad in Pakistan. “I was invited to church many times, but always refused. It was different when I was invited to see the JESUS Film. I watched the JESUS Film which impressed me to fear God. On the same day, I repented of my sins and began to visit weekly with other believers. Now my family and I live a happy life.”

Praise God for His gentle persistence in our lives.

“There are 25 charter members,”
said the team member in the Philippines. “The church was planted one year ago by a mother church using the JESUS Film for outreach. The church is prospering and God is being served!”

Pray for the fellowship of believers in the Philippines to grow strong. 

– Special Prayer Request from the Solomon Islands:

We just received a request from Pastor Jeremy. He is leading a team into an area where the people worship and make sacrifices to Satan. Jeremy’s team is the first Christian group to be invited and welcomed in this area. The generator messed up half way through the JESUS Film showing. They continued to share with these people. Pray for this work. These people live in remote areas about 2 hours walk from anywhere. Pray for those working in this area. Jeremy reports starting 3 or 4 preaching points.  Praise God! In that area where Satanism is so strong, they definitely are confronted with spiritual battles.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

– Praise God for the safe return of the Partner Trip participants from Guyana (Oct 4-9)
– Praise God for the faithfulness of those participating in the World Challenge in Kansas City

– Pray for the Harvest Dinner to be held in Alabama at Mary’s Chapel (Oct 13)

JESUS Film teams have reported
62,530,553 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through October 2012. Of these contacts, 11,496,245 (18.4% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 4,487,579 (39.0% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 33,838 preaching points started.
JESUS Film and other tools

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One Response to Jesus Film Update – October 10, 2012

  1. nazmissions says:

    To date the Jesus Film project reports 62.5 Million contacts and 4.5 Million decisions to accept Christ. Every $3 donated has resulted in 1 sole won for Christ – pretty good investment huh?

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