Redding CA Recycle Sunday by Becky Haight

When Larry and Becky Haight joined a JESUS Film Harvest Partner trip to Panama in July of 2007, their local church, Redding CA Nazarene Church, provided a set of JESUS Film equipment for them to take.

While ministering with the JESUS Film team in Panama, Larry and Becky tried to think of ways to raise more funds for JESUS Film equipment. Larry thought of the idea to have people in their church recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass that have CRV (Cash Redemption Value). The first Sunday of each month they have trucks in the parking lot to collect all the recyclables. They are then sorted and taken to the recycling center.

Each month the check they receive for these recyclables is placed in a JESUS Film account at their church. Praise the Lord! The Redding CA Church has sent a set of equipment to Haiti and is now raising funds for a set of JF equipment for them to take on their church’s mission trip in 2013. From January to May 2012, they have received $758.50 from people in the church bringing their aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass to the church each month.

Becky, who is the Area Ambassador for Northern California, has found another great benefit to having a Recycle Sunday each month in their church. This helps to keep the JESUS Film in the minds of their congregation! Having hosted the first Harvest Dinner, Redding CA Church is doing all they can to reach the world for Christ.

Do you have other interesting ways to promote or support the ministry of JESUS Film Harvest Partners? We would love to hear from you and include your ideas in this monthly newsletter. We can learn from each other. Please send your ideas to Sandy Cunningham at

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3 Responses to Redding CA Recycle Sunday by Becky Haight

  1. John Cunningham says:

    Thanks, Larry and Becky, for continuing to promote the JESUS Film Harvest Partner ministry there in Redding and all across Northern California! We appreciate you both as our Area Ambassadors!

  2. Jesus film is a great group! We use them in Cambodia and love to see how God works! Raise funds for equipment was a great idea! I know it is very much needed! Another movie they do that Magdalena Movie and this is another great movie they have done that we are trying to help get out in Cambodia…blessings! and thank you for all you do!
    John 15

    • Blessings to you in Cambodia as you use the JESUS Film, Magdalena, and the JESUS Film For Children. I’d love to hear stories how these films have made a difference there in Cambodia. Partnering for Jesus and His harvest.

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