Missionary Profile – Kyle & Jayme Himmelwright

Kyle, Jayme, Ana, Nádia, and Bruna Himmelwright are missionaries to the Western Mediterranean Field—Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.


Kyle and Jayme are both from Indiana, and they both attended Olivet Nazarene University, where they met, to study education.  After completing their studies, they were married and moved to Frankfort, IN, where both served in the church.  Kyle served officially as the youth pastor, and Jayme worked in the local middle school teaching English as a Second Language.  Although they enjoyed this ministry and were learning a lot, they both felt called into missions.  Jayme had received her call at age 8, and Kyle had received his while in college.  After three years in youth ministry, Kyle and Jayme felt that they needed further theological formation in order to serve God to the best of their abilities. 

In 2002, Kyle and Jayme moved to a small town in northwest Missouri, Kingston, where they began to co-pastor a Church of the Nazarene while both attending Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City.  At the end of four years of education and pasturing, they were called by World Mission to serve on the Western Mediterranean Field (WMF).


Kyle currently serves as the Field Strategy Coordinator of the WMF.  That means that he basically coordinates everything that the Church of the Nazarene does in Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy.  Because of vacancies in positions, he is also serving temporarily as the district superintendent of Spain and France.

Jayme works with European Nazarene College as the Field Theological Education Coordinator.  That means that she coordinates all the of theological education/pastoral formation in the four countries of the field.


Before marrying, Kyle and Jayme felt called to adopt.  In 2011, God opened up a door of opportunity for that.  Three little sisters moved into their home, lives, and hearts in March of that year.

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