North Korea – 70,000 Christians ‘locked in concentration camps’

(From World Net Daily)

Sources confirm North Korea has eased or lifted a number of restrictions for citizens since Kim Jong Un succeeded his father, Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il’s tenure as dictator was marked by intense persecution of Christians, including imprisonment of generations of a family for a single individual’s offense and executions.

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One Response to North Korea – 70,000 Christians ‘locked in concentration camps’

  1. this appears t o have gone mostly unreported by the Obama man and the UN.
    helen clark as you love people ,then maybe you could do redemptive work by doing something with your position at the UN to bring about having these persecuted thousands released in North Korea.
    the weak watchers of regimes have seemimgly bypassed the questions of the locked away thousands around the globe by lunatic egotestical leaders. Fortunately we who have faith in Yeshua have prayer to marshall reform through I AM of the scriptures in the Holy Bible.
    We who are free should all pray daily for our heavenly Father to bring His power upon these leaders and bring peace into the hearts of those so treated.
    perhaps Father will bring this evil tyrant in North Korea into the fields to eat grass as He had some do in the old testament.

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