Missionary Profile – Stephen & Anne Sickel

Stephen and Anne Sickel are the Work and Witness Coordinators for Costa Rica and Panama.  They have worked in Central America for the Nazarene Church since November 2009, and took over as the Work and Witness Coordinators in January 2011.

Anne and Stephen both attended MidAmerica Nazarene University.  She earned bachelors’ degrees in English and history while his degree is in international business.  They both were able to study abroad during college. Anne spent a semester in Romania, while Stephen spent 7 weeks in Africa. 

The couple lived in Kansas City for two years before God led them to Central America.  He worked as an aquatics coordinator managing lifeguards and city pools, while she was a case manager at a residential mental health facility. When they felt God’s release to head to the mission field, He spoke very clearly through some surprising voices.  They were shocked to hear the customer service representative from the phone company say that they were in God’s army and bless them in their journey.  What an adventure it has been!  Both Stephen and Anne are confident in their call to the Mesoamerica Region.

When she has free time, Anne likes to read, experiment in the kitchen, beat Stephen at cards, and learn new words.  Stephen spends his free time swinging in the hammock and playing soccer.

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