Hurricane Isaac and the Response by the Church of the Nazarene

In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, authorities are assessing the damage. In addition to the destruction from the storm, residents must now contend with the extreme heat without the relief of air conditioning. Heat index values are expected to range in the 100- to 105-degree range, perhaps higher. The risk of heat stroke is expected to be especially strong in areas that still have no electricity. More than 100,000 utility customers are still without power. About 2,800 are still in shelters due to flooding.

The Church of the Nazarene, particularly in Louisiana and Mississippi, has been affected as well. In Louisiana, about 100-125 people are temporarily housed on the district campground. Most of these are from Slidell, Kenner, and New Orleans. About $3,000 has been raised to help with food and lodging expenses.

Your contributions are very important to recovery efforts, such as those at Camino De Santidad in Chalmette, LA. A portion of the church’s roof was damaged and blown off by the storm. After 3 days of rainfall, there is extensive water damage in the interior of the church. Members have worked hard to clean up, but there is still a lot of work remaining. The congregation of Camino De Santidad plans to build a tent in their parking lot until the building is again usable. Your donations can help congregations like this one repair damage from extreme winds and rain.

Nazarene Disaster Response is working with the district to coordinate the response efforts. The district has designated Eric Nelson Hurricane Relief Coordinator of Louisiana, while Keith Megehee will hold the same position in Mississippi. There are some disaster relief teams who have been mobilized for coastal area. Currently all efforts are being coordinated at the district level. The key personnel in such efforts are from local congregations. Nazarene Disaster Response will continue to update you on relief efforts throughout the affected areas.

Continue to keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers. Your contributions are very important to recovery efforts.


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