Jesus Film Update – August 29, 2012

“Gerardo is a hardworking man,” said the team member in Costa Rica. “He suffers from an inability to speak even though he can hear clearly. Gerardo accepted the Lord Jesus Christ following a JESUS Film presentation. He is active in the local church and is serving faithfully.”
Praise God our limitations do not limit His ability to use us.  

“He suffered for me!”
said Angel in the Philippines. “I am so thankful the Lord saved me. His suffering gave me life. He wants all of us to have life in Him.”
Pray for others to come to realize the love of Christ in their lives.

“Bishu’s mother was healed,”
said the team member in Bangladesh. “His mother was possessed by a demon which tried to kill her by hanging her. She had to be monitored all the time. We had been to this village before and established a preaching point. The people believed Bishu’s mother was being punished by a local goddess because of her family’s faith in Christ. They challenged us to demonstrate the power of Jesus. We went to Bishu’s mother and read from the Bible and began to pray for her. Bishu’s mother started screaming, jumping, and flailing her hands and legs, but after a few moments she was quiet and closed her eyes. She fell asleep as we continued our prayer for her. A few minutes later, she opened her eyes and was calm. She behaved normally and was able to talk clearly. The people were amazed to see God’s power. We returned a week later to find Bishu’s mother doing well and the believers thriving.
Praise God for demonstrating His amazing power and love.


Praise God for Brian’s safe return from a country in South Asia. Brian said, “I was the only one walking through customs with the 169 audio Bibles in my luggage. The customs officer looked directly at me seeing my full cart and he waved me through.” Thank you for your prayers of protection. As a result, you can see the overjoyed JESUS Film team members as they hold up their new audio Bibles!
Praises & Prayer Requests:
– Praise God for the faithfulness of the people attending the Atlanta, GA World Challenge event. The financial support will help more people hear of God’s love through the work of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry teams.
– Pray for wisdom and discernment as the JESUS Film Harvest Partners board of directors meets (Sept 13).
– Pray the partner event in Hilton Head, SC to facilitate a revival in the hearts of the participants (Sept 13-16).

* JESUS Film teams have reported 62,093,854 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through August 2012. Of these contacts, 11,378,658 (18.3% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 4,412,235 (38.8% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 32,846 preaching points started.
JESUS Film and other tools

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