Three Christian Women Beaten in India

Editor’s Note:  In addition to an increase in persecution directed against Christians, local governments are increasingly refusing to do anything about it.

On August 13, 2012, in a village named West Parasery of Chumkamkadi post in Kanyakumari District (about 8kms from Nagarkoil), this unfortunate incident happened. Two duaghters, Orsilal (25) and Jhansi (22), of P. Ruth (44), were standing outside their home and talking. Around 9.30 p.m. their neighbours for no rhyme or reason began to intimidate the two sisters right infront of their home. Being embarrased, the sisters went into their home. About 15 men, led by Suresh, Sukumar and Selvam barged into their home and beat both the daughters and the mother mercilessly. They even disgraced the ladies by pulling their hair, knocking their heads to the walls and even kicking them. All three ladies were so badly beaten that they were not only bruised but began to bleed as well. The women had the presence of mind to immediately call the Ambulance. They were taken to the Thuckalay Government Hospital. After some emergency treatment they were shifted to the Asaripallam Medical College where they are still undergoing treatment for the last 15 days. The miscreants also took away a gold chain and a video camera from the house.

It is unfortunate that when the women gave a complaint of this incident to the Eraniel Police station, the police was unwilling to register any complaint. After much persuation, finally an FIR was made. The Local BJP counselor, by the name of C. Padmanabhan is understood to be the brain behind this attack. This very same person was also behind the attack on Jesus Glorious Ministries Church during last Easter Service when several believers were injured. The three above mentioned ladies who were attacked on August 13, 12 also belong to the said Church. Please pray for them as they still in Hospital undergoing treatment.

Source:  Christian Persecution Update, International Christian Concern

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