Jesus Film Update – August 8, 2012

“I worshipped demons for 27 years,” said Osman living in a gospel resistant African country. “I was in pain for many years and spent a great deal of money on animal sacrifices to demons, but I had no relief. Watching the JESUS Film, I saw Christ drive demons from people. I believed in His power and a team member prayed with me. I made a decision to give my life to Jesus Christ. God has healed me fully. I am part of a house church.”
Praise God for restoring Osman’s soul and health.   

“I stepped forward,” said Margaret in Cuba. I was living without hope. At 30 years-old, I lacked the ability to cultivate and maintain good relationships with others. I always wanted to be alone and isolated. Jesus came into my life one day through the JESUS Film. I was passing by when I decided to sit down to watch the movie.  I felt God dealing with my heart. When an invitation was given to step forward, I accepted Jesus as my Lord. Today, I feel great peace and security. I know I am a daughter of the Heavenly Father who gives me love and companionship.

Pray for Margaret to use her relationship with Christ to be filled with boldness to share His love with others.

“Cintia is a dynamic young girl,” said the team leader in Brazil. “This was not always the fact. Before following Christ, she tried to live a good life, but was in a bad relationship with her boyfriend. After seeing God’s love for her in the JESUS Film, she changed. Cintia opened her heart to Jesus inviting Him in as Lord and Savior. Since that moment, she has been active in the local church and filled with true joy. She is interested in God’s work and Kingdom growth.”

Pray for God to continue to work in Cintia’s life.

Praises and Prayer Requests:
– Pray for the group from FlazNaz Community Church as they are in Paraguay working alongside a JESUS Film team (Aug 2-15)
– Pray for the group from Boise Euclid Community Church as they are in Peru and witnessing God’s work through the JESUS Film team (Aug 2-15)
– Pray for Brian as he travels to a South Asia country delivering 169 audio Bibles to a creative access country for pastors and JESUS Film team members who do not read
– Pray for safe travels and the move of God on the hearts of the people participating in the Partner Trip to Belize (Aug 16-21)
– Please pray for the leaders and table hosts as they invite individuals to participate in the World Challenge event in Atlanta, GA on August 23rd. Pray the Lord will bless this time of inspiration and commitment in a great way. Pray that the Lord will speak to people’s hearts as they consider financially supporting the mission to help fulfill the Great Commission by reaching the lost with God’s love. For more information about World Challenge events, call Trish or Patty at 913-663-5700.

JESUS Film teams have reported
62,093,854 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through August 2012. Of these contacts, 11,378,658 (18.3% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 4,412,235 (38.8% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 32,846 preaching points started.
JESUS Film and other tools

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