Church attack in Nigeria’s Kogi state kills 16

At least 16 people, including a pastor, have been killed in a gun attack on a church in central Nigeria.

A group of gunmen stormed Deeper Life Church in Otite, in the Okene region of Kogi state, during an evening service on Monday 6 August. They blocked the exits and opened fire on the trapped worshippers. Many people were wounded, while others may have fled into the bush.

No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but the militant Islamist group Boko Haram has mounted scores of raids on churches in North and central Nigeria in recent months. A number of its members are reported to come from Kogi state.

Kogi forms part of Nigeria‘s Middle Belt, in which Christians and Muslims live in roughly equal numbers. It is further south than most areas previously affected by Boko Haram’s brutal campaign, but this year it has witnessed several violent incidents.

On 15 July a car bomb exploded near Living Faith Church in Okene where hundreds of people had gathered for a service. On that occasion no-one was hurt. The security forces also prevented a suspected suicide bomber from detonating explosives at another church.

Earlier this year Boko Haram said that it had attacked a jail in Kogi and freed 119 inmates, while the authorities raided a supposed bomb-making factory in Okene and killed at least nine alleged members of the group.

Boko Haram has killed hundreds of people this year in pursuit of its goal of an Islamic state in the North of Nigeria. It has targeted Christians in particular, whom it has designated its “enemies“, though members of the security forces and others have also been attacked.

The group’s attacks seem to be spreading across Nigeria, and their extension towards the predominantly Christian South is a further disturbing development for the country’s churches.

Source:  Barnabas Aid

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4 Responses to Church attack in Nigeria’s Kogi state kills 16

  1. Rasaki idowu says:

    Do not say group of gunmen, say a group of hausa militant boko Haram, finace by Hausa leaders, are killing the southern without know reasons, so that this tactical war of the Hausa killing the southern qnd midle belt, can meet its good respond by the rest of Nigeria, saying Boko Haram is dangerious for us, because we shall be confuse of whom to actack qnd they would profit this to continue killing us, if groups of people well known to a perticlar ethnic kill our people inocently, what we have to do? is to go and kill them back, because, we see the terror hiden in within them, we have the right to defend our people and the only way to do that is to kill the people killing us even in the mixed of their inocent one, if the inocent of them too die the clash will eiher stop because their leader sponsoring them would now be concern of the total chaos if not it lead to break up of the fulish togetherness of the nation with the incompactible ethnic.
    state police is very impotant now, with state police we recognised the enimy killing us and the spirit of our state ethnic brotherhood would make the work be effective, and we shall recognised the state that is parcial through constant terror report, any way, the state police we exist all along with federal police, and the parciality of the federal police as a result of terror insider would come to end, by the state police that have the original love of their state, than the federal police that is mixed up with animy. if not because of insider, how can police bom police head quater.
    To this end their is an hugent needs for state police to effect aquerate security.
    Rqsqki idowu.

  2. Rasaki idowu says:

    The rest of Nigrians should rise against Hausa Islamic terror call Boko Haram sponsor by the hausa leader, that are killing the inocent rest of Nigerian ethnics, rise for vengeance be for they put fear in the mind of rest Nigerians ethnics. fight back now do not wait tomorow, look forwar for my atticle in the Nigeria tribune.

  3. Rasaki idowu says:

    This Islamic terror does not know that Arabisied are using them same way they used their qncestors, thinking that sheria is their culture, people that are far from light,people that does not have values in their ethnical beings and culture, seen Arabisied culture as their values, how can you be number one interm of intelegent, you can only be number one in term of causing choas instead of moving forward they want to recolonied their world with foreign Arabisied Islamic culture,that as nothing to do with the actuall holy prophet mohamed Islamic culture,stupied iglorance of our time values, if God favour Arabisied world? why can they developed? the only infastructure developement found their is a paid one by their government to western world to construct .
    Every human world have their intelegent one, but their development would be determin by the political ideology that is used to govern them, middle age is the age of monotheist and this age had been recorgnised by great world philosopher as the age of darkness, is the age of misconception of scientific polytheist culture of Black Araba, and it is from this culture monotheist of both christain and Islam was been process out, the abstract rebirth of this culture in Europe is what is call renaissance, that lead to the begining of great scientific technology in Europe, while Arabisied adamantlly rufuse to enjoy this glorious values of time, despite all opportunities they have to sharing from this rebirth of polytheist scientific culture in its abstract form, from the fact that they share from the image of new power which is white image,but they refuse to move all along with their white brother in civilization, now they are cerying and alway want to tie people dawn with them,any human world that refuse to move all along with time, would rest behind and the rest move, Hausa Islamic estremist of Nigeria do not tie us dawn with you, the rest want to move on with time.
    Never tell me God law do not change if God law do not change there would not be seseon,God law chqnge all along with time, it is an ideology the Arabisied made used to dominate the rest in Islam, and remeber the Arabisied do not love you they only want to used you to distabilied your world, so that they can penetrate onto your land and at end kill you kill your children; see what is happen in Mali,Niger, and chad today iglorant etremist becarefull of ARABISIED if you recieved finace from.
    Please embrace love and peace Hausa terror your strougle have no just cause like others,o p c,bacacy boys, groups that come to existent with just mind to protect their people, cant you be shame Boko Haram, you come to existent to be a killer, you are not muslim, But a killer,let God its self judge the true worshiper, if you truely believe their is God qs you claimed.
    Fight now rest of Nigeriqns dont wait for tomorrow.the have no cause for their strougle they are onthing,But evill and i will be the most happy human been if Nigeria break especially with this incompactible ethnic.

  4. Rasaki idowu says:

    From Lodon all my post come from, and iam ready to right more technic of an adverse on how to wine war agains this Hausa killers, say hausa killer loadly so that the international comunity can know now that, Hausa is killing the rest of Nigerians. The recent killer of 19 deeper life worshiper in Kogi, must not go free, and Nigerian should be atentive about the claimed arested one if they are Hausa or nor, because they can bring fake people and tuture them to lie against their self, i do not trust federal Hausa police in this present development, i do not trust Hausa in protecting sauther Nigerian,
    We need an hugent state police.for our perfect security. we are beging

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