Destination Unknown – 2012 through Day 4

The youth group from Redding First Nazarene is off on their adventure this morning.  As the week unfolds they will know where they’re going and what they’ll be doing.  I will be posting their “tweets” as they happen all week long starting — Now!

Sunday, July 29 – 6:00 P.M. – Tomorrow morning…the unknown will become the known! #DestinationUnknown

Day 1

Monday, July 30 – 6:14 A.M. (Jason Odell) – Up and ready for #DestinationUnknown2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The students have arrived for #DestinationUnknown!

The check-in crew! #DestinationUnknown

Prayer before we jet for #DestinationUnknown!

Listening to #jimgaffagin with @iamryanschmall an the crew. #DestinationUnknown

Listening to #jimgaffagin with @iamryanschmall an the crew. #DestinationUnknown

“It’s a couch that turns into a bed! It’s the most disappointing transformer.” #DestinationUnknown

This car just drive past us with his map taped to the window. No big deal. #DestinationUnknown

Hey Clockworkers! What should the #DestinationUnknown2012 theme song be? Tweet me ideas!!!

Breaking out the candy. #DestinationUnknown

Passing McCloud… #DestinationUnknown

{Looks like they’re heading North – could it be Canada after all?}

That’s totally a bro car. With handicapped plates

“Why do you have so many shades!? You only have two eyes!”

Lunch stop in Grants Pass! #DestinationUnknown

“we are Grand Rapid’s reckoning”-Kyle McCauley #destinationuknown

Deeper and deeper into Oregon we go. Where will we end up? Oregon? Washington? Canada? Alaska? The North Pole? #DestinationUnknown

The 90’s are alive. #DestinationUnknown

I think we’re going to Portland. Weird Al is accompanying us.

Made it to Portland!!!!! #DestinationUnknown

A little friendly competition of Encore before dinner!

Dinner time! #DestinationUnknown

Welcome, Ken! #DestinationUnknown

Some team building time! #DestinationUnknown

Worship before Conversation 1 at #DestinationUnknown

We are spending #DestinationUnknown with a community of homeless teenagers and ministering to them by just being normal.

Conversation 1: John 1 and what does it look like to be incarnational?

Bed time! #DestinationUnknown

Day 2

Rise and shine! Getting ready for the day on

Breakfast! #DestinationUnknown

Early morning worship on #DestinationUnknown!

Getting ready to walk to The Max (public transportation) to head to downtown Portland

On The Max! #DestinationUnknown

Just arrived in Downtown Portland to meet our homeless tour guides. #DestinationUnknown

On our tour of Portland with our new friends Casper, Stormy, and Mike! #DestinationUnknown

Casper explaining what homeless life is like in Portland to our students. #DestinationUnknown

At the Waterfall Park downtown. #DestinationUnknown

Heaven in a cup @ Stumptown Coffee. #DestinationUnknown

VooDoo Doughnuts! #DestinationUnknown

VooDoo Part II #DestinationUnknown

Chatting with Mike. #DestinationUnknown

The waterfront! #DestinationUnknown

About to have a baked potato party with our new friends at The Underground! #DestinationUnknown

Board games and dinner! #DestinationUnknown

On The Max on the way back to the church! #DestinationUnknown

Ending another incredible conversation on #DestinationUnknown!

Happy Birthday Hannah! #DestinationUnknown

Day 3

Morning worship and conversation on this beautiful day in Portland! #DestinationUnknown

Hot dog! #DestinationUnknown

Kevin sharing from the Word! Sharing the story of The Good Samaritan. #DestinationUnknown

Spending our afternoon here! #DestinationUnknown  (Multnomah Falls)

Back at the church and about to head to the Lloyd Center! #DestinationUnknown

Party 2 at The Underground! #DestinationUnknown

Debriefing our day and discussing what we have seen/noticed. #DestinationUnknown

Surprise appearance by our good friends @thenewdivide! #DestinationUnknown

What a fantastic day on #DestinationUnknown! Now time for bed!

Day 4

Up and at ’em! Day 4 on #DestinationUnknown begins!

About to experience a Native American worship experience called a sweat lodge! #DestinationUnknown

The sweat lodge! #DestinationUnknown

Debriefing the sweat lodge in the park before we head back to The Underground for our last party. #DestinationUnknown

On The Max again on our way to The Underground! #DestinationUnknown

@thenewdivide surprised us with a rock show when we got back to the church! #DestinationUnknown

@thenewdivide surprised us with a rock show when we got back to the church! #DestinationUnknown

Day 5

Last morning on #DestinationUnknown

Spending our final moments on #DestinationUnknown alone with God reflecting on our adventure

Goodbye, Portland! #DestinationUnknown

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