Illegal Burmese Fishermen Rescued From Traffickers

Police helped three smuggled Burmese men who had been forced to work on a Sattahip fishing boat when they had wanted to go to Bankgok. Two men were arrested for suspected trafficking. Police also helped 20 other Burmese from fishing boats who may also be trafficking victims.

SATTAHIP – July 30, 2012 [PDN]; At the Division of Special Investigation (DSI), Mr. Tharit Pengdit, the director general of DSI, reported the rescue of three Burmese men working on a fishing boat in Samaearn, Sattahip, who had been victims of human trafficking.

Police had been acting on information given to them in June by Mr. Somchai or “Tian Huan,” a Burmese. He told police that three Burmese were deceived by a Burmese agent to work on a fishing boat and were later threatened to pay more money.
The illegal smuggling occurred after one of the victims in Burma asked the agent to take him to see his elder brother in Bangkok. The agent said it would cost him 8,500 baht, and wanted a down payment of 4,000 baht.

After being deceived with promises of work in Thailand, the agent arranged to transport the three Burmese men, along with about 80 others who wanted to work in Thailand. The three victims were transferred by car with 12 others, and they were driven to various locations where other agents picked them up to work at separate places.
The three Burmeses were sent to Suwit fish bridge in Samaesarn, Sattahip. Waiting for them was a Mr. Uwen or “Uwin,” also a Burmese, who kept them before sending them to work in separate fishing boats.

Mr. Tharit, the DSI director general, said that on June 2, the victims contacted their brother to bring money in return for their exchange, so they could leave the fishing boats. But the brother instead called a fellow Burmese, Mr. Somchai, who contacted the DSI’s human trafficking suppression division.

The DSI then set up a sting operation, sending officers to bring money to exchange for the victims, while videotaping and recording the illegal transactions. The evidence was submitted to the court to issue a warrant to arrest Mr. Uwen and also a Mr.Tonchui or “Taochaui,” for human trafficking, detaining and holding other people and abusing their freedom

In addition, the police also picked up 20 other Burmese boat crew members and sent them to the care of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Source:  Pattaya Daily News, Human Trafficking News Daily

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