Human Trafficking: Celebrating our Champions for Change

Editor’s note:  The first step in change is education.  If you’re interested in doing something about human trafficking, check out the organizations (like Polaris Project) that are involved.  There are several links to organizations fighting human trafficking, on our home page.

Behind every great movement there are champions. Champions combat injustice with ideas, dedication, and passion. Although many of the individual sacrifices made by champions tend to drift below our radar, each of these sacrifices is paramount to the grand scheme of progress.

Last week, the Department of State released the 2012 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, along with a list of ten TIP heroes. But you don’t need to be recognized by the State Department to be a champion in the fight against human trafficking. We at Polaris Project are also recognizing the countless other heroes whose actions are helping to end human trafficking in their communities.

Every day, hotline callers exemplify both resourcefulness and how we can incorporate heroic acts into our everyday lives. For example, when one woman, Sophia, suspected that her cousin was being forced into commercial sex by a pimp, she called the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. Sophia’s tip led the NHTRC to discover that the trafficker was also sexually exploiting, psychologically abusing, and forcibly drugging twelve young women and girls. Because of Sophia’s call, this trafficker was arrested and, if convicted, will face up to 60 years in prison.

We all have the potential to emerge as champions. By making a simple phone call, emailing a member of Congress, or donating to Polaris Project, anyone can make a mark on the eradication of human trafficking. Thanks to our supporters, Polaris Project is creating laws, answering hotline calls, equipping professionals with new tools and supporting survivors. These actions are helping to end the injustice of human trafficking across the country.

This month, you can help us celebrate our champions. Regardless of how much time or money you are able to contribute, any one of the five actions listed below will make a difference:


1. Donate now to the “Champions for Change” campaign at

2. Select “recurring” donation, to show your support towards the anti-trafficking movement with monthly installments. Just $15 per month can help us meet the critical needs of survivors who are reaching out to the hotline for emergency services.


3. Share this blog post with friends, family, peers, and coworkers.

4. Share this blog on Facebook to promote Polaris Project’s “Champions for Change” campaign.

5. Tweet to inform all of your followers about the tragedy of modern-day slavery, and encourage them to take a stand. Here is a sample Tweet: Join the #ChampionsforChange in the fight against human trafficking. Support @Polaris_Project!

As a rising senior at Wesleyan University, I just recently joined Polaris Project as a Summer Fellow. I’m excited to be helping to promote this campaign, as well as the greater fight against modern day slavery, and I hope you will join me.

Source:  Polaris Project

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