Jesus Film Harvest Partners and

The Jesus Film has been an incredibly effective tool for reaching the unreached.  This is a demonstrable fact.  Since 1998 there have been over 61 million contacts made through the Jesus Film, with over 11 million indicating a decision for Christ.  It has been demonstrated that for every $3 given to the Jesus Film, one person finds the Lord.

I’d like to tell you of an easy way in which you can contribute to this effort through the things you purchase every day., in partnership with Jesus Film Harvest Partners, will donate a percentage of every qualifying purchase to the Jesus Film project.  All you have to do is to access Amazon through the Jesus Film Harvest Partners website (  Just click on the link on the Jesus Film homepage and shop.  Every purchase results in a donation ranging from 4% to 8.5% of your entire purchase to the Jesus Film project.

What an easy way to benefit the Jesus Film project and through it, the Kingdom of God.   Think about how much you buy online and how much of that could become resources that save lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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