Pastor In India Plants Church With Former Persecutor

(From International Christian Concern and Charisma News)

Pastor Pabitra Kata and his colleague Niladri Kanhar recount the miraculous story of Kanhar’s conversion to Christ. Kanhar, known notoriously for his murderous and sexually and physically abusive behavior toward Christians, was faced with sorrow when his eldest daughter passed away. Kanhar expressed his frustration with the many gods and witch doctors he had believed in, feeling that nothing had worked. Around the time of Kanhar’s daughter’s death, Pastor Kata was led to Kanahar’s house. While Kanhar took his daughter’s body to pursue a death certificate, Kata encouraged Kanhar’s wife to pray for her daughter in Jesus’ name. Kanhar soon returned home with his daughter, alive and well. From that point on he vowed that his household would worship only God. At the writing of this story, Kata and Kanhar were imprisoned together on the shared charge of attempting to convert others to the Gospel.

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