Remember to pray for the prisoners

Here’s a partial list of Christians imprisoned for their faith.  Please remember to pray for them and for their families.  And while you’re at it, pray for their persecutors:

Name                                        Country                            Time Imprisoned

Asia Bibi                                   Pakistan                                 1035 days

Imran Ghafur                         Pakistan                                  1023 days

Haile Nayzgi                            Eritrea                                     2888 days

Kidane Weldou                       Eritrea                                     2589 days

Dr. Kiflu Gebremeskel          Eritrea                                     2888 days

Alimujiang Yimiti                   China                                       1520 days

Yang Rongli                            China                                          876 days

Yang Xuan                              China                                          876 days

Gao Zisheng                            China                                       1170 days

Pastor Wang Xiaoguang        China                                         876 days

Zhang Huamei                        China                                         876 days

Youcef Nadarkhani                 Iran                                           920 days

Behnam Irani                          Iran                                            324 days

Mehdi “Petros” Foroutan      Iran                                            207 days

Tohar Haydarov                  Uzbedkistan                                 772 days

Nguyen Van Ly                    Viet Nam                                      269 days

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