Jesus Film Update – April 11, 2012

Editor’s Note:  The Jesus Film ministry is incredibly effective at introducing people to and leading them to Christ.  The ministry began January 1998.  To date, through the Jesus Film ministry, more than 61 million evangelistic contacts have been made with over 11 million people indicating a decision to follow Christ as a result.  This translates into one new life dedicated to Christ for every $3 that are donated to the ministry. 

“They were living in darkness but have come to the light,” said the team member in Colombia. “The Great Adventure church is a church plant from the Cali church. Pastor Ortiz and his wife lead the church of 1,000. They organized a massive evangelism strategy using the JESUS Film in small group settings covering five zones. The response has been incredible. For example, the Quiñonez family is totally transformed! They know the true love of Christ and are now living in the light of His hope and redemption.”
Praise God for the open hearts and the bountiful harvest in Colombia.

“I did anything I wanted,”
said Bertha in Haiti. “I thought I was free and having fun going to clubs, hanging out with men, and smoking. I made jokes about people who attended church. I was in darkness. Jesus put people in my path to lead me to Him. I have a new identity in Christ. He brought me into the light. I am free because I have Jesus in my life!”
Pray for Bertha to be a living witness to others of God’s love.

“I want to be an example to the world,”
said Bernardo in Mozambique. “I was a sinful person and did not care to know anything about Jesus. Now I recognize Jesus is a healer and my personal Savior. I have accepted Him in my life. I thank God for the opportunity to give my testimony. I want others to see Jesus in me.” 
Pray for Bernardo to reach others with his testimony of Christ.


– Your prayers help those living in darkness find life in Christ. We need more people to light the darkness with prayer. Will you commit to invite 5 people to sign up to receive this weekly prayer update? Simply forward this link or post it on your Facebook page:
Prayer Requests:
– Pray for the safety of the JESUS Film Harvest Partner Teams who are working in high-risk areas.
– In February, we shared a need for urgent pray for
Faustina, wife of Mathias, a coordinator in Northern Ghana. She was hospitalized with malaria. We have received the report that she is doing better. She is now out of the hospital and back at home, but still recovering. She has not begun working their home business again and during her time in the hospital a lot of things went wrong. Their business stopped; several animals they owned died; and things were taken from their home. They are recovering slowly from the losses and people are coming to their aid, but they need continued prayer to fend off discouragement.

* JESUS Film teams have reported 61,135,708 evangelistic contacts* from January 1998 through April 2012. Of these contacts 11,124,112 (18.2% of contacts) have indicated decisions for Christ with 4,255,163 (38.3% of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups. There have been 30,979 preaching points started.
JESUS Film and other tools

Spread the good news! Please forward this email to your pastor, small group members, and friends who care about reaching the lost with God’s love.

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