Urgent prayer request for the country of Mali

Your urgent prayers are needed for a crisis situation in the West African country of Mali.
Desiring an independent state, Tuareg rebels have risen up against the Malian government several times since the 1960s. The latest revolt gained intensity in January 2012 when the rebels began violently attacking towns in northern Mali. Villagers have been forced to flee their homes, and a number of people have been kidnapped or killed. The insecurity in neighboring Libya over the last year has further complicated the matter as heavily-armed Tuareg fighters who had fought for the late Libyan leader, Moammar Qadaffi, joined the movement.

Last week, Malian fighters led a coup d’etat against Malian President Amadou Toumani, enraged at the government’s ineffective response to the Tuareg uprising. In the days since, Mali’s constitution has been suspended and its borders closed.

We are very concerned for the people of Mali, and especially for our two ministry partners in the region – Tahanint N’ Massinag E Tinbuktu (TNT) and the Gao Evangelical Church. We have been in regular contact with the leaders of both ministries who have shared a rising concern for the situation over the last few months.

Just yesterday we received an email from TNT’s Rev. Nouh Yattara who said he had been warned to leave Timbuktu because an imminent rebel attack was feared in Timbuktu. He and his wife Fati left Timbuktu early this morning.

U.S. officials have announced they are suspending assistance to Mali until the elected government officials are restored to power. This, coupled with the intense poverty already experienced by Mali’s 15 million people, is causing many to anticipate a potentially serious humanitarian crisis.

Because we know you care about God’s servants around the world, we ask for your urgent prayers for a restoration of peace and security in Mali. We also ask for your special prayers for the safety of our two ministry partners and the believers scattered throughout the country.

Would you please take a minute right now to pray for this critical situation? We believe in prayer and value your participation with us.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers for Mali and for praying for these special servants of God during this critical time.

From Partners International:  http://www.partnersintl.org/about/us/mission?utm_source=corpem&utm_medium=e&utm_campaign=corpem

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