Update from Erin at Kudjip, Papua New Guinea

Our chaplains, routinely come through the wards and give out tracts and talk to the patients about Jesus.  As I was rounding this week, I saw a number of patients on A ward with the tracts on their beds or at their bedsides.  One little boy, Gideon, who has a fractured leg and is in traction, was sitting in bed reading his tract.  When I got to his bed I asked him to tell me about what he was reading.  He showed me the picture of Jesus on the cross and we had this discussion.


I asked him, “Who was in the picture?”                                                                                                                                    Gideon replied, “Jesus.”                                                                                                                     I asked, “What happened to him?”                                                                                           Gideon said, “He died on the cross.”                                                                                                  I responded, “Why did he die?”                                                                                                       Gideon replied, “Because he was thinking of you and me.”

My heart melted as he said that, to hear this little boy tell me the story of Jesus, how precious.  What a great reminder of why Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is here – to share the love of Christ and the message of His Good News with all those who we care for each and everyday.

Note:  Erin Meier works at the hospital at Kudjip, PNG.  This is a link to her blog:


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