Jesus Film Ministry for Bikers

Note:  If you’re a biker, read.  If you know a biker, forward this to them.  John Cunningham is the National Ambassador Coordinator for the Jesus Film Harvest Partners.  This piece tells about an ongoing outreach program called Bike and a Backpack.

Wow! If you like to ride motorcycles and have a passion for seeing people make a decision for Christ, then the new BaaB [Bike and a Backpack] trips are just what you want! I encourage EVERY Ambassador to consider going on one of these BaaB trips in the next few years. (You do NOT have to be a motorcyclist to join these BaaB trips!) We had such a great time as a team going to northern Ghana two weeks ago. Now I can’t wait to take the next BaaB team to India in March. The India team is preparing to go, so start thinking about going with me to Togo, West Africa or Bangladesh in 2013.

Let me recap a few things from our Ghana BaaB trip. We delivered THREE solar-powered JESUS Film backpack systems, FOUR 125cc motorbikes, stands, speakers, charging systems, SIX video projectors, FOUR DVD players, soccer balls, Bible Story cloths, EvangeCubes, multiple copies of the JESUS Film in SIX different languages, and 100 EvangeHats. That’s a LOT of equipment for one team to bring through customs! However, not one item was assessed duty fees. Praise the Lord for His watching over our team and the equipment! Many of you joined us in prayer about that, and we want to thank you!

While in Ghana we trained THREE JESUS Film teams to use the new backpack systems. Several members of our team checked the new (and used motorbikes we rented during our trip) and made adjustments, repairs, and modifications. Many times those mechanical adjustments happened “on the trail” at night with no real tools available. What a great group of flexible people God gave us. We always made it to our destinations and back again safely with no injuries.

As part of our ministry, the district organized a soccer match between the local pastors/BaaB team versus a community team of players. It was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship with an opportunity to share the Gospel message at the end using the Evangelism Ball. People responded and gave their hearts to Christ.

In the evenings we joined the local JESUS Film teams as they showed the JESUS Film in several communities that had never seen the film before. The people who gathered in the dark were from other religious backgrounds and had never been confronted with the claims of Jesus Christ. What a huge blessing to see the Holy Spirit work in their hearts as they stood near the screen to make a decision for Christ.

On Sunday these people gathered under trees and brush arbors to worship God. TWO brand new churches started that day! Four team members preached and more people made decisions for Christ. Praise God! Follow up discipleship is now taking place as people are encouraged to share their new faith. The Northern Ghana District has 110 churches where Christ is being preached each Sunday.

Did this whet your appetite for a future BaaB trip? If you’d like to see God work like this for yourself, please sign up for one of our BaaB trips, one of our other Partner trips, or lead a Ministry Trip from your own church to help deliver JESUS Film equipment around the world. Take the challenge and obey God’s prompting!

With you in the harvest,


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