Update: Fourth Man Pleads Guilty in Ozarks Sex Slavery Case

I debated whether to post this next story.  It is extremely disturbing.  Human trafficking, sexual slavery, is one of those indescribably evil things that happens in a fallen world.  We tend to believe consciously or sub-consciously,  that it is something that happens somewhere else, not in our little town of Redding.  But if you get a chance, talk to the folks who deal with issues of social abuse and they will tell you that human trafficking happens even in Redding.

How many of you knew that I-5 was the primary transportation route for human traffickers on the West Coast.  It is reported that there are victims of human trafficking, usually underage children, transported right by our church every day.  In fact, while we are worshiping in our church on Sunday, it is likely that victims of human trafficking are being transported by on I-5.

I know this is unpleasant to read but truth often is.   I pray that this will stir you to investigate and see how you might get involved.  If you are one of these, start by visiting the links to human trafficking listed on the home page of this site.


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