Southern California: 5 charged in teen prostitution case

Five men have been charged with pimping, pandering and human trafficking in a Southern California teen prostitution case.

Investigators said Thursday that the defendants transported minors from Riverside and San Bernardino counties to Long Beach to work as prostitutes in North Hollywood.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram ( says 21-year-old Darrius Sutton, 23-year-old Chad Phillips-Miller, 27-year-old Leprinceton Burks and Darius Burks and Edwin Franklin, whose ages haven’t been released, were arrested on Dec. 8. They live in Carson and Los Angeles.

Sutton and the Burkses were identified as gang members.

The arrests were part of an investigation by the Los Angeles Innocence Lost Task Force, comprised of the FBI, the Los Angeles Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security.

Source:  SF Gate


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One Response to Southern California: 5 charged in teen prostitution case

  1. Carl says:

    Thanks for your post about this article. Readers may or may not be aware why this crime is considered human trafficking, in addition to pimping and pandering. California Penal Code section 236.1(f) states that California’s definition of human trafficking in that section is the same as the federal definition of a severe form of human trafficking in Section 7102(8) of Title 22 of the United States Code. In the US code, severe human trafficking states that inducing ANY commercial sex act by a minor is defined as human trafficking. By including a charge of human trafficking, a number of increased penalties kick in, the underage victims can sue and get civil restitution from the traffickers, and other forms of rehabilitative assistance become available to the victims in a streamlined way.

    For a list of books and movies to find out more about human trafficking, please visit my blog at Thanks! Carl I.

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