Kids of Courage: VBS Challenges Children

The Voice of the Martyrs has developed a challenging Vacation Bible School curriculum that focuses on the persecuted church. The Kids of Courage VBS program teaches children about forgiveness, courage and perseverance — all through stories of persecuted Christians in the countries of China, Egypt, India, Nigeria and North Korea.

“There is a lot kids can learn about persecution without going into graphic detail,” said a VOM worker who helped in the curriculum’s preparation. “They can learn that we can trust God when we are having problems, and we can even praise him.”

The curriculum includes more than 50 stories, crafts and skits, providing useful guidance to leaders and helping reduce preparation time. The variety of materials enables leaders to choose stories that fit the age group they are teaching. For a full list of materials included in the curriculum, visit

“Leaders and teachers have said they have wanted to teach children about persecution but they didn’t know how to do it in an age-appropriate way,” said a VOM staff member. “They like it when the kids are able to study the same thing as the adults. We have stories that are current about kids their age that are happening right now. Everything in the curriculum is country related or persecution related.”

The program is adaptable and affordable. Many churches and youth groups have also adapted it into a youth program or series of teachings.

“As a youth minister, I tend to stay away from lessons that are watered down,” said William Thompson, a youth pastor who uses the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum. “In today’s world, I think people need reality rather than fantasy. We enjoyed the curriculum so much, we are going to use it during our Wednesday night youth program so that even more kids learn about the persecuted church and how to be a kid of courage!”

Sources:, VOM contacts

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