Churches look to help build new Nepal

Deep-rooted social problems in Nepal are being addressed by Christians belonging to hundreds of churches under a new initiative.

As the country wrestles with agreeing a new constitution after the abolition of the monarchy and the end of civil war, Christians are making their contribution and committing themselves ‘to building a new Nepal’.

Steve Collins, Tearfund’s Country Representative for Nepal, said, ‘The distinctive thing about the “Christian Commitment to Building a New Nepal” in contrast to positions of other interest groups, is the Christians are not just asking the Constitutional Assembly to do something, they are committing to do something themselves.

‘That is to mobilise themselves to work to address the priority needs identified in the civil society consultations.’

Almost 2,000 people from 600 churches are engaging the country’s leaders on issues such as corruption, caste discrimination, unemployment, violence and discrimination against women and illiteracy.


Although a minority group in this predominantly Hindu nation, Christians in nearly 75 districts are meeting with political and civil leaders to share their vision for a new Nepal.

They’re encouraging leaders to be active and accountable in seeking to address the problems that Nepal faces.

The initiative started with churches coming together to prayerfully identify and discuss issues facing their communities and how the church can reach out in love to address some of them.

‘For a minority group, and in some cases still a persecuted minority, this is a bold and visionary step of sharing God’s love and desire for justice, mercy and faith with wider Nepali society,’ added Steve Collins.

Already the involvement of churches is being seen to have had an impact. Political parties are recognising their involvement and there’s increased unity and cooperation among church leaders.

Source:  Tearfund

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