Divine intervention Bibi’s only hope

A Christian woman convicted of “blasphemy” in Pakistan still faces the death penalty as she remains imprisoned see earlier story). But according to her husband, she is still trusting in God.

Asia Bibi received the death penalty on “trumped up” charges of blasphemy against the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern (ICC) recently received information from Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, who has visited his wife in prison. “Asia Bibi is weak and frail, but he continued and said that she’s in high spirits,” Racho reports.

Bibi’s husband further accounts that she spends a good deal of time praying for her release and lifting up those who are remembering her in prayer.

prison cell“It really is encouraging to see Asia Bibi in the spirit of prayer and strong in faith still. This just is an affirmation of what the Bible says: They can imprison us, they can kill our body, but they cannot kill our spirit or our soul (Matthew 10:28),” the ICC spokesman references.

He continues to call on fellow believers to pray as the judge responsible for the case, as well as others, are pressured by fundamentalists to uphold the death sentence.

“So, if the judge decides to release her, he will be the target of another assassination,” Racho explains.
He stresses that intervention from heaven is Bibi’s only hope.

Source:  One News Now

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