China’s emerging market provides new ministry opportunity

China (MNN) ― China’s meteoric rise to power over the last two decades is likely one of the most significant developments of the marketplace.

Today, it has amassed the wealth and power so that every move can be calculated to make or break global markets. Its strength is surpassing the U.S. economy, and it may likely become the biggest economy in the world.

While most developed countries are seeing stagnating economic growth, the burden of sustaining global consumption falls on emerging markets like India and China.

The reality is that China is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s a good time to engage the leaders of the business world. Global Advance recently held a strategic meeting in China to do just that. Jonathon Shibley with Global Advance says, “Today is the day that we need to plant those seeds of thought into these new emerging Christian leaders in China, that they have a global responsibility for the fulfilling of the Great Commission. As resources shift, and as power shifts, we’ll see Chinese helping fund the advance of the Gospel around the world.”

Business ethics often challenge Christian business leaders in China. The tools utilized by Marketplace Missions meet a growing need. “A lot of them struggle with being in a culture where spiritual capital is lacking in terms of doing business,” Shibley explains. “There’s a lot of bribery and things of that nature, so the hunger level is high to learn how to do business from a godly perspective, but also to see themselves as a catalyst to being a light and an influence to other people through the marketplace.”

Through Marketplace Missions, Global Advance teams worked with Christian business leaders in China to awaken Kingdom vision and increase the expertise of Christian entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. “People who are managers in multi-national companies and love Jesus are being catalysts for God’s purpose through the marketplace. It’s just exciting to see what God is doing. So we’ve been meeting with some of these people and trying to help them grow in their biblical worldview.”

The initiative provided a conduit for U.S. business leaders to mentor and learn from these emerging marketplace leaders. Why? Training Christian businessmen and women increases economic and spiritual capital throughout the world. “As business is done on the up and up with biblical values of that country, it adds to the spiritual capital of that country. It adds to the moral fabric of the country, and the more that that is done, I think that the more believers will be seen in a positive light versus a threat.”

“We truly are a global Church now. The call to Great Commission is for the entire church–for believers in every nation, and not just the West,” Shibley notes. He adds that the meetings were a valuable resource for China’s Christian business leaders to connect with others who desire to transform their nations.

Global Advance provided some resources through their Business Institute (GABI). Special modular teachings focused on areas such as Accounting Finance, Management, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Shibley says although there are reports of persecution occurring throughout the country, believers are undeterred. Now that the Christian business leaders have tools, friends, and a growing spiritual acumen, “Pray that they’ll have the strength and the biblical encouragement to live out and integrate their faith into their work.” That’s not the only need. Global perspective is the next challenge. “Pray that God will give them greater vision for their responsibility as it relates to the world. As a multi-national business opens up lanes of commerce for the Chinese, pray that they’ll be a mission’s force.”

Source: Mission News Network

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